Final winner announced!

Konnichiwa,Japanese President

Congratulations to the Walking Dead game jam winner “Remember the Fallen“. We, as pacificist Cubidents, are really happy that a game that is not about killing won the contest.

Joe-san and Bradley-san!


Also, we are really, really happy that we were mentioned in the Eurogamer article announcing the winner. Please remember that you can play our game here.

Domou arigatou,
Shincube Abare


We are in the Top 10 Winners!

Dear all,1American

On behalf my colleagues, my fellow world leaders, and the guys of the Human Shield Team, I’d like to thank the judges very much for voting our game as a Top 10 winner on the Walking Dead All Out War Game Jam. It is in a very early state of development, but please play and let us know what you think. We’d appreciate any constructive criticism.

Congratulations to the other Top 10 winners and to all the participants as well. There were some really great concepts that I would love to play once we finish saving the world.

I don’t know what the other Cubidents think, but I personally loved the game Cubes Clash, because we share one big square thing in common.

Thank you, and God bless Cuberica.
Squarak Cubama

Game trailer


Here is our first trailer:

Are you a bad enough president to stop the war? All politicians dream of saving the world, and now they finally can thanks to the brand new limb-coordination action game, “Human Shield: Stop the War”.